As you have seen the two titles in the header I'm a video maker, UX/Interactive designer. But through your journey in my portfolio you will see illustration, photography, interactive design, movie, motion design, UX/UI model. Because throughout my study, my path I have practiced on many projects on various tasks. That's why you will see a work mosaïc and that's what makes me a real multimedia child. I invite you to take a look at my work below, a project worth thousand words. You want to contact me, click on my CV, you'll have all the information you need.

Split Teaser (Film)
Schmulk (1rst film)
Delia (Film)
Event Photographer (Photo)

I have worked for a French photographic association during 2 years. The association cover event such as showcase, nightclub, concert...

Night Club "Cher Papillon" (Teaser)
Showcase Sweet Melodic (Teaser)

PAF Simba (Stop Motion)
Fipette 2.0 (Motion Design)
Environmental Equity Trust for the BNPP Asset Management Pacific (Motion Design)

Short Version

Long Version

The babel Tower (Motion Design)
Computer architecture (Motion Design)
Carambar from our region (Motion Design)
Ferris Horror Band logo (Motion Design)
Limbs (Game prototype - Interactive design)

After a car accident, you lose consciousness. In a state between life and death, you try to open your eyes, but you can’t. You’re lost and completely blind. You are now in the LIMBS. Afraid, you want to get out of here. From afar, you barely hear two voices, trying to help you out of this place, guiding you with advices about where you should go. You begin to have a bad feeling : something is wrong. One of them is trying to trick you, and you’re convinced about it. But who could this be ? It’s up to you to find out, through this place full of ambushes. Work as an Interactive Designer.

Cubicity (Illustration)

Serious Play (Illustration)

Halloween (Illustration)
Zigguratland (Illustration)
BNP Paribas - Real estate bank project simulator (UX/UI Design)
Adobe XD first prototype in one week for a bank Real Estate project simulator. You can try it, it's an interactive embed prototype from Adobe XD ! This interface was design to fit with a special tablets.
Illustration in flatdesign for the bank real estate project simulator i've done on Adobe AI. UX/UI designer.

PV Nova - Website (UX/UI Design)

 UX/UI designer on this project for the french artist PV Nova.